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Default Re: Which Continent Has the Coolest Animals?

PhD in International Culture and Zoology checkin in..

Pound for pound going the whole twenty rounds, I give hats off to Asia since it has a TROPICAL RAINFOREST, a DeserT, an ICY ARea, and a grassland. It has a variation of almost all the African Animals too (though subpar).

Bactrian Camels are strictly in the Central Asia area (near Kim Kardashian's family and George Stalin's) and Dromedaries live in Arabia in adition to North Africa.

You have White Rhinos in the Sumatran Islands. And snow leopards (cuter than normal leopards imo) and all kinds of critters. The macaques in Japan who bathe int he hot springs >>> rafiki baboons imo.

Africa would be most peoples immediate choice due to lions,zebras, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, hippos oh my.. but Asia has a variation of most of those AND TIGERS AND BEARS (spotted/spectacle) AND a bigger variety of snakes (emerald tree python, reticulated python (true longest snake in the world), monitor lizard, to bout and ghavials/garials, and yangtze alligators, and a vast assortment of cool horses, deer.

I'd even put South America before Africa.

To add to the list..

south america: Tapir, Fishing cat, Portugeuse Man of War (off the coast), Coatimundi, Green Sea Turtle, Leatherback Sea Turtle, Capachunio monkey (black and white cute ones), Howler Monkey, Andean Condor, Bushmaster (very poisonous badass snake), there are also chilean penguins, PANTHER!, OArfiSH!,

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