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Default Re: Which Continent Has the Coolest Animals?

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
it's canine is the best too. grey wolves > dingoes > hyenas (though hyenas have the strongest biting force.. females rape males (look it up)

Spotted Hyenas, especially a fully grown 200 lbs matriarch Female Spotted Hyena would eat a wolf & especially a dingo for breakfast my man... and Hyenas are not canines, they are more closer related to cats, but they are actually completely their own species of the family called "Hyaenidae/Crocuta".....

They are the last on earth of its family and a group of the smallest "Hyaenidae" ever (the Aardwolf, Brown & Stripped Hyena are smallest, Spotted is biggest today and much more dangerous)....

Smallest? Yep, even the latest extinct Hyena called the Dino Crocuta was said to be like at least 5 times bigger... said to weigh up to 1000 lbs and have a biteforce of over 10000 lbs of pressure, they used to eat Lions and so on like candybars.... damn lucky those Crocutas aka. Hyenas dont exist today lol:

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