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Default Re: Kaepernick to start Sunday against Saints

So here's what gets me about this whole situation most!

The local reporting on this I've heard or read today has said that the game was a failure because of... wait for it... Harbaugh and Greg Roman. That the pitch was too risky a call, and should never have happened.

Huhwha? Look I get that entirely, except that they DIDN'T do that when Alex was back there. I don't care about the fairness of it so much, but what bugs me about sports in general is the inconsistency of the media's reporting of it. It's this 24 hour cycle that breeds ignorant and impatient fans. I want someone to remain consistent in their style at least, even if the message changes.

I notice this most in the NBA since it's a little bit more dynamic. But baseball, I mean oh my goodness, Giants fans did a complete 180 on how they talked about a bad Zito game as compared to a bad Lincecum game. I want more... idk... consistent reporting. Look I'm the biggest Chuck Hayes fan, but if he has a bad game I'm gonna be like: "Hey... Chuck Had a bad game." I just want good, honest, reporting.
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