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Default Lineups and Decision Making

2:00 AM and bored, decided to write out some thoughts on our lowly Toronto Raptors. I'd say I've caught 80% of our games so far this year, but interest has been getting lower lately as we've gone to shit. Here are some things I'd love to see since this season is bordering on a lost cause. I realize this will likely never happen, for reasons which are essentially all non-basketball.

Our Starting Lineup

PG - Lowry --- Kyle Lowry is our best player and leading rebounder through nearly a quarter of the season, our point guard, he is a great rebounder for a guard, but that's embarassing. Lowry has essentially been everything I thought he'd be, really pleased with him. I do question if we'll ever be good while he's productive, but for now, I'll just enjoy his play.

SG - Derozan --- Demar Derozan, atrocious contract, I'll give him credit for clearly trying to live up to it, but I'm afraid it's just never going to happen. There is a serious issue when the guy is a supposed "gym rat" and there are still huge fundamental flaws in his game. But he does seem to care, so it's tough to really tear him apart.

SF - Ross --- Terrence Ross, why not? I don't get it. We suck, we're playing people off the street over our "NBA ready" 1st rounder? Even if we disregard his NBA readiness, is he actually that much worse? Why bury him when we're going nowhere?

PF - Davis --- Ed Davis, similar thought, why not? I've actually been pretty impressed with Davis is his time, 6/5 in 15 minutes versus Bargnani loafing around for 35 minutes per game. Davis has been bringing some energy, his game is limited, but god damn, reward the effort, play with some fire, see what you've got with him with an extended chance before he's gone.

CT - Jonas --- Jonas Valanciunas, outside of Kyle Lowry, the only bright spot in this organization. Naturally, our coach (GM?) finds a way to bury him inexplicably. Let the kid play big minutes until he fouls out of every game, he needs to learn.

6th man: Bargnani - because, face it, it'd be a god damn miracle if we could even get Colangelo to admit this much. He may even be somewhat decent in the "Nick Young, Ben Gordon, Lou Williams, etc" chucker 2 guard role, he plays like one.

7th: Calderon - why is he still here? Should have been dealt ages ago. Respect the player, can be effective in the right situation, but he does nothing for us. If Calderon isn't dealt for a young piece by the deadline, I may lose my mind.

8/9: Amir Johnson/Mickael Pietrus? - Ugh. Amir is fine. I guess Pietrus spells the swing spots. I'd never play anyone on our team beyond this 8-9 man rotation.

Decision Making: Quick tangent from tonight's game versus Denver. We're down 3, five seconds left on the clock - we trot out a lineup (I believe) of Kyle Lowry, Jose Calderon, Demar Derozan, Terrence Ross, Andrea Bargnani. So, what would appear to be our 4 best shooters and our top scorer. Somehow, despite in my mind every option on the floor being better to take the game tying three, Demar Derozan gets the shot. The same guy who is a lifetime 22% 3PT shooter and has zero range on his jumper. I just don't get this, how does this happen? These are professional coaches.

Final Thoughts: I realize my proposed lineup isn't a quality NBA lineup. In fact, it's an awful NBA lineup. They'd really struggle to score, they can't really space the floor unless Ross finds his jumper. But atleast they are young, they play with energy, they potentially could develop into something. It's better than running out old bums who have no future and no hope in hell of leading us anywhere significant.

And that is actually the major problem with the Toronto Raptors and Bryan Colangelo. Bryan Colangelo is a human being, with a million dollar job, he wants to keep that million dollar job, let's be honest, who wouldn't? I don't think Colangelo is a smart GM, but clearly, he's also just doing anything he can to save his ass. It's been that way for several years, but our ownership is too god damn inept to actually do the right thing and clean house. Why? Because their intentions are questionnable themselves. Are they seriously interested in winning or are they content just collecting a profit? If our ownership never demands a well run franchise, why should we expect one? And that is really the most depressing reality of this team. A quality owner would have bulldozed everyone long ago and brought in someone else to try over, a complete rebuild, but current ownership is satisfied with a patchwork piece of shit team, and our general manager is happy to provide it in order to keep his job. Until it's made evident half assing won't be tolerated, I'm not sure we can really expect any progress.

It's a seriously depressing time to be a fan of the Toronto Raptors, because there is no bright future to cling too, no collective vision to all rally behind, it's just a mess of shit, puke and piss mashed together on a basketball court.

Thanks if you read this far. The End.
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