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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by SCY
Thank God Garcon's back.

Playoffs are
Dean vs. Dooms
-Prime- vs. JB

Dean playing you next week in "savage."
yeah my luck has run out in Savage. I have no idea how your team was #4 seed. That is a #1 seeded team SCY. I guess Brees shitstained game cost you a higher seed, but he's pretty much a lock for 300-3 this week against me. Rest of your team is ridiculous. Sucks I ran into you there.

Matchup with Dooms is an interesting one he's got a lot of high upside players. I've got a couple dinged up guys not sure if I trust them to put them in the lineup in SJ13 and Darren McFadden. Also got a QB decision to make Matt Ryan v. Kaepernick strong lean to Kaepernick.
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