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Default Re: No More Homework!

Originally Posted by miller-time
agreed. it is also excellent for just making friends that you wouldn't normally associate with. hell i still make new friends at university when i do group projects lol.

i think homework or assignments is important later on however, otherwise the step up to doing assignments at uni would be massive. assignments do teach you things like time management and self discipline too

Like Jay-Z said in On To The Next One (don't stone me for liking that song) - "It's all about progression."

It's true, being used to having no workload outside of school is gonna be a pretty big hole to fill once you get to college/university, and while it may that big of a problem attitude-wise, getting used to all the tasks is gonna be a little bit of a bitch.

The things I see here though is that people are going with the extremely outdated "More is better" approach. When I'm finally in the classroom, sure if they need some extra work outside my class, alright (although I'd prefer it to be more of "consultation" style and not through a huge volume of homework), but the only thing I'd make sure my homework is "more" in is meaning.
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