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Default Re: Who is "YOUR" Joker?

Originally Posted by Money 23
I can do a list with Nolan's TDK trilogy or w/o TDK trilogy.

TDK and RISES, even though they use comic book characters, themes and plots ... they aren't totally confined to the "superhero film" genre and it's cliches. TDK is a crime drama, and RISES is a disaster / war film.

For mainstream comic book characters, in cinematic adaptations. No graphic novel films like Watchmen, 300, V for Vendetta?

With Nolan's Trilogy, Top Ten:

1) The Dark Knight
3) Batman Begins
4) Iron Man
5) Blade
6) Batman 1989
7) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
8) Superman: TM
9) Ang Lee's HULK
10) The Shadow

Without Nolan's Trilogy:

1) Iron Man
2) Blade
3) Batman 1989
4) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
5) Superman: TM
6) Ang Lee's HULK
7) The Shadow
8) Dick Tracy
9) Rocketeer
10) Hellboy

Interesting that you mentioned the original Ninja Turtles 89 film. I watched that a few months ago just for $hits and giggles, and was surprised at how watchable it was, for me anyway. Has a good deal of charm if you can overlook how funny and 'obviously' rubber the costumes are.

I agree with Iron man in a top 5 slot, I think that's the best and overall most enjoyable of the last 4 years of Marvel films. Spidey hasn't really held up too well, especially since seeing the more recent Marvel movies, as a trilogy they've dropped quite a few pegs in my eyes though Spidey 2 is still watchable for me. Haven't seen this year's Spiderman yet because of what I was telling you earlier with my wife's surgery, just lost interest in those kinds of things during the summer( she's recovered fortunately). Hope to catch up now that this films have been released on blu-ray.....
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