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Default Re: Is Fernando Alonso the Best F1 Driver Right Now?

Originally Posted by R.I.P.
When was the last time a Newey designed car won the title before Vettel and RB. Thatīs right.

He couldnīt outperform his own teammate Massa in the last two races this year with the title on the line.
The above is a statements are born from ignorance.

What has Newey done before he arrived at Red Bull you ask.

Newey-designed cars have won the following Formula One World Constructors' Championships and Driver titles

1992 – Williams FW14B Also the Drivers championship
1993 – Williams FW15C Also the Drivers championship
1994 – Williams FW16
1996 – Williams FW18 Also the Drivers championship
1997 – Williams FW19 Also the Drivers championship
1998 – McLaren MP4/13 Also the Drivers championship
1999 - McLaren MP4/13a-14 Drivers Championship
2010 – Red Bull RB6 Also the Drivers championship
2011 – Red Bull RB7 Also the Drivers championship
2012 – Red Bull RB8 Also the Drivers championship

On to your other dumb remark, Massa was driving to keep a seat in the Ferrari camp. Alonso was driving to win a title for the Ferrari camp. the number 2 driver's job week in and week out on a F1 team is to find the speed in a chassis the number 1 drivers job is to use that speed

As for the OP Vettel and Alonso are 1a 1b. You cannot go wrong with either driver as a pilot for your team

Both possess incredible in race management skills, a tie in that category

For pure pin your ears back in the cockpit speed Vettel wins but that's not what wins F1 races

Vettel's able to drive around the car's shortcomings better than Alonso but that might be because historically the Red Bull cars have shown themselves to be much more forgiving than the Ferrari's were and the Red Bull team seems to operate with a much wider margin for error on several fronts.

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