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Default Re: No More Homework!

Originally Posted by Rake2204
As I alluded to earlier in this thread, I'm not entirely convinced every last bit of homework should be eliminated in the K-12 levels of work, but I think a very, very significant portion of it could be eliminated without negative repercussion.
I don't think a "signficant portion" should be eliminated, but reformed so it isn't just busy work. Repetition even if tedious is important for learning.

I wonder what the true correlation between having homework since kindergarten (as is the case now) and its effectiveness in preparation for, as you say, college calc. and orgo. classes. Again, my feeling is the idea of "prepping for future homework by giving homework now" is a little off base. For instance, I think someone who excels in high school science classes that give no homework would be just as prepared (if not more so) for a college organic chemistry class than another student who didn't do quite as well but had homework in his high school science classes every night.
That's just useless inference. Repetition of taught material is fundamental to learning and understanding.
Spending extra time on something isn't exactly brain surgery. I really do not believe students need to prep for spending time on a class outside of class by practicing it for 10 to 12 years in advance.
Habits are hard to break(especially habits that last for a decade), and new habits are hard to produce. Elimination of homework is irresponsible. Looking at the exceptions of motivated students that may be able to produce good study habits to justify the elimination of a fundamental and elementary aspect of education is misguided.
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