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Default Starbury update: Marbury sneaker problem in China

Ex-NBA star Stephon Marbury blasted the Chinese Basketball Associationís (CBA) strict sponsorship rules after he was fined for failing to cover up the logo on his own-brand shoes, state media reported yesterday.
Marbury, whose Starbury line of basketball shoes is proving a hit in China, said it was "not right" that players were forced to wear footwear made by league sponsor Li Ning, or conceal the logo when wearing another brand.

"Every player has his right to wear what shoes are right for his feet to protect his body and wellbeing while playing on the court," Marbury told the China Daily.

"It is not right that players canít have a choice to wear whatís comfortable while playing at a high level. Safety is first and itís my right."

-- Business World Today
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