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Default Re: Has Mike Wallace costed himself millions this year?

The OP talks a lot of football in these here ISH halls, but I'm not entirely sure his opinions are genuinely accepted as surefire NFL real talk. I noticed GOBB call him out in another football thread (actually vintage old school GOBB where he was LOL'n hella hard, wish he'd post like he did in the old days) and OP somewhat folded and curled up into a ball in the corner like Pete always did when talks of ruffies came into play.

OP takes a great deal of pride in his NFL/football knowledge, and expects others on the message board to pay homage. The price however is cheap, and if you ask me, it's going-out-of-business level discount type prices. Prices, dices, Leonardo slices biceps nice as Condoleezza Rice is. Yep. You bet.
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