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Default I know it's way too early, but let's get some "YES" and "NO" ^ in here already.

Keeping in mind we're the Charlotte Bobcats, a 7-9 start to the season isn't all that bad; in fact, some would argue it's very desirable and satisfactory. I tend to agree with the latter. Hell, considering we're in the Leastern Conference, completing the regular season with a .425ish winning % could potentially land you in the playoffs.

"PLAYOFFS? Talking about playoffs!" - and that brings me to the point of the thread. Yes, it's way too early to make a proper assessment of our team, but share with us your preliminary thoughts on the 'Cats making it into the post season this year. The year the world is supposed to end (12/21/12) !!!!

I'll go ahead and put my $0.02 out there. I'll say we do finish the season as either the 7th or 8th seed, and I'll take it a step further and claim right here, right now, today, we're going to push our 1st round match-up to seven games, and snatch a buzzer-beater in OT to elevate ourselves into the 2nd round for the first time in our franchise's history!

I realize this is a long-shot, but yo, I ain't golfin' here. Bank it. Luck is on our 'Cats side this season, and fate has the likes of someone like Miami, New York, Chicago or Boston packing their bags and paying homage to the new kids on the [playoff] block.

Yes, this is a very left-field, improbable, damn-near impossible prediction, but this franchise is destined to confiscate the respect that's commonly given to other teams and never us. Even if we're talking Atlanta Hawks level respect (which isn't much) we'll take it, and we're overdue!


So, let's have it folks. Your VERY early playoff prediction. Yes or no?
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