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Default Re: Philadelphia Eagles Offseason/Draft/Free Agency News

Originally Posted by GOBB
Andy can go down as the best Eagles coach ever and Mcnabb the best QB ever. I respect what both have done and appreciate it. I've seen the dog years of Ray Rhodes, Rich Kotite. Reid had a nice string of successful seasons where Eagles owned the NFC East. Even coming up short in NFC title games/SB I still enjoyed the ride.

That said time to move on because his patterns as a coach, personnel guy has gone stale. Its come to bite him in the ass and he isnt going to change nor adjust his ways. If not for injuries on the OL the team would have won more games than it lost. But the issues would remain the same.

I'm tired of midget DEs because guys that are freak of natures (JPP) dont move you whereas Brandon Grahams of the world do. I'm tired of the disappointments at DT you drafted. I'm tired of thinking the LB unit can be found on the street. Who needs Urlacher? Ray Lewis? Derrick Brooks? Before anyone tells me those guys arent on every NFL roster. I know but the Eagles dont look to draft prospects like these guys or Jon Beason, P Willis of the world because its not a valued position under the Reid regime. I'm tired of not having a legitimate #1 WR with size. Ok we had T.Owens but that was shortlived. Felt like your dead beat dad saying he is back then after 3 days he is gone for good. I understand the small Wrs fit your "offense" (whatever that is) where you rely on YAC. But give me someone with size.

We have a RB that is among the top 5 and you elect to pass. Dont feed me stats of carries this has more to do with establishing the run, and not running just because you cant decide which passing play to call. Its all about when you run with me. Eagles ran Bryce Brown because they noticed Foles aint ready to throw 50 times. And guess what? We saw production from our RB. Yeah he fumbled way too much thats a concern. But my point is Shady/Brown should have been a duo to use on teams. Especially when your OL couldnt block preschoolers. But what do I know?

I dislike the offensive playcalling and game management
I dislike the personnel decisions free agency/draft
I dislike the underachieving defense put together (these safeties are horrible)

I'm no GM. And every fan swears they hit 1.000 with this stuff. But after years of Reid I'm ready for a change and I know. I know it could be dog years ahead after he is replaced. I'm willing to roll the dice on that possibly happening then riding with Big Red one more time. He'll be successful elsewhere where he can start anew. Here? Its a wrap.

I agree man...

its really time to rap up Reid's tenure here so we can move on.. he's a pretty good coach overall, but he's never gonna learn those lessons you mentioned..

We cant keep hoping he'll smarten up every year.. He's proven that won't.. In fact he dont even know the sh*t he used to know anymore. I mean this is the worst he's ever looked.. Its time to throw the damn towel (rocky movie )
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