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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by KG215
We just took Wisconsin's head coach, fresh off a four year stretch where he's gone 39-13 and been to three Rose Bowls (I know this year ws by default) and we've got just as many fans pissed off about the hire as we do fans who are excited about the hire.

We have to have the most delusional and ignorant fanbase in the country. I'm convinced. Reading and hearing some of the fan reaction around here, and you'd think we just hired Wyoming's head coach.

I can completely understand why people wouldn't be thrilled with him.

This is the guy that just last year was shitting on the SEC like its a plague on the CFB world. He was pissing and moaning about Urban Meyer going after players who were already committed. What is he going to do in the SEC when EVERY coach is going to be that?

Then when you consider the offense he will likely run it looks like Arky is going to go through major transitional plains as they simply do not have the players to run it.

Also, does this guy have any recruiting ties to Texas and Louisiana HS football coaches? Without them he is DOA.

His success at Wisconsin is solid. But his assistant hires are going to make or break him b/c I doubt he has the knowledge of the region to get the recruits y'all will need.
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