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Default Re: Eating on $4 a day

2 dozen eggs= 2.50ish
Big bag of rice = Ranges
Chicken 2.5 lbs = $5.00 - 7.00
Lentils = $2.50
4 lbs kale and broccoli = $2.89 (Salad is pointless guys go for the real dark leafy greenz!)
Bumblebee 10 Pack of Tuna = $7.00
Coconut Oil = $6.00

There will be money left over, and extra rice and chicken and tuna.
Money left over will be for:
Ground Turkey

when the week comes

and drinks.

en la futura.

Winner winner
Sunday night cook up the rice, put into tupperware.
Cook all that up. Dice up the veggies. Mix it in with the tuna add a lemon or lime on it. Put the lentils on top of the rice. Hardboil the eggs.

Feeding time is 6-10 pm (after work and school)
Sleep late

Lunchbreak devoted to enjoying life without the hassle of a meal =)

Find a way to up the guap in hte meantime.
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