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Default Re: Official UCLA Bruins Thread:

Places like UNLV and SDSU are hotbeds for transfers.

UNLV also has Roscoe Smith from UConn and that big guy from Pitt.

Their entire team is basically made of in state players and highly touted guys who transferred from another program

Shaka would be a great hire. Although does he have a pipeline in California? Seems like he's always been in that northern, dmv, south area. Even Ben Howland had California roots.

He's the guy I want UNC to hire after Roy retires, but I'm pretty sure we are grooming Hubert Davis to be that guy, assuming he can coach. And since this is UNC we are talking about, I'm sure we will look at Wes Miller, Jerod Haase, Brad Frederick, or anyone else in the family before we look outside. Doh all over again, I'm telling you. There's no Roy out there to save the program this time and no Larry Brown and George Karl asking for the job.

I digress. If Shaka can recruit in Cali then it's obviously a terrific hire. Since my rambling brought this up, is there anyone in the UCLA family coaching right now?

I've been hearing a lot about Mark Gottfried. Good luck with that. The guy can recruit (he did well at Bama) and I know he was an assistant at UCLA, but I really don't think he can coach, control his players, or keep his dick in his pants.
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