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Good game. A little too short though. I recommend playing it on very hard even on the first play through. That way you get the most out of it.

I butchered everything in my path on the first play through. Even innocent maids and prostitutes.


- Blink lvl 2 is a must. Nothing better than teleporting behind someone from a distance to slit that throat. Also great for getting around buildings and avoiding unwanted confrontations.

- I just forgot what it's called. But raising that enemy detection skill to 2 is a waste.

- Get athleticism to lvl 2 for the higher jump.

- Get at least lvl 1 of the turning your enemies to dust skill. That way you don't have to waste as much time hiding bodies.

(Jeez. I'm forgetting all the names of the skills.)

Other than that it's pretty flexible depending on your play style.
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