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Default Re: i don't get the hate for D'Antoni or the Lakers

Originally Posted by Shepseskaf
Your previous post indicated that it was a sure thing that DHo is going to the HoF. It isn't.

Certainly not as sure as Kobe and, to a lesser extent, Pau.

It is a sure thing.


3 time DPOY
6 All Star
4 Rebounding titles
2 block titles
5 all nba first team, 1 third team
4 time all nba defensive 1st team, 1 second team
Olympic Gold
Prep Player of the year (yes even HS matters, it's not just NBA)

Ralph Sampson made the ****ing HOF and his resume is nowhere close to Dwight.

Howard is getting into the HOF if he never plays another minute of basketball.
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