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Default Jamison has increased value with Pau Gasol's knees aching

With Tuesday's news that Gasol is out with tendinitis in both knees, Jamison becomes a must-add in all formats. In his first start with the Los Angeles Lakers, Jamison produced 15 points, nine rebounds, three 3-pointers and three blocks in 37 minutes against the Houston Rockets. While the stats won't always be that good, you should be able to count on the playing time, because in Gasol's absence, the Lakers' thin bench can be downgraded to nonexistent.

As for Gasol owners, you have my sympathies, because you're stuck. You not only have an injured player who apparently has had problems with both knees since training camp, you have an injured player who clearly doesn't fit into his new coach's system. So you're left with two unpleasant options: Either trade Gasol for what you can get (which of course wouldn't approach the value of the top-20 draft pick you spent on him) or relegate him to your bench, turn your attention to holiday shopping and hope that in a few weeks, a healthier Gasol has a new NBA home. And for as long as we've been enduring Pau Gasol trade rumors -- not to mention the actual Gasol deal that David Stern snuffed out -- given the Lakers' commitment to Mike D'Antoni, it seems like it could really happen this time.

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