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Default Prediction Next 6 Games (after Charlotte)

Dec. 06: @ Miami
Dec. 08: @ Chicago
Dec. 09: Home Denver
Dec. 11: @ Brooklyn
Dec. 13: Home Lakers
Dec. 15: Home Cleveland

This team has not played since Sunday.

6 games in 11 days tough. This is going to be a nice test. Miami is the 2nd of a back to back game on the road. Then follow a road game to Chicago. Next night back at home against Denver, short bus ride to Brooklyn. West coast back to Mid-West.

I am focusing more on the schedule personally more so than the opponents because thats the real enemy. No practice time and no time to lick your wounds.

This team is not healthy, Felton, Brewer, Camby are hurting/dinged. Kidd, Stat, Shump out.

Here are some details that some of you may not be aware of...

Miami is injured/hurt as well Chalmers, Nole, Haslem, Battier

Chicago is injured/hurt no Rose and possibly no RIP. We are their home game from a Detroit road game. Even though its close but still a pain to travel.

Brooklyn may not be still ailing at the time of this game Lopez and Evans

Cleveland is injured/hurt as well Irving, Waiters (we know Irving is definitely going to be out at this time). We are the 2nd of a back to back they start home then go on the road to us.

With everything thats going on with the Knicks and these other teams. Taking all this information into account and I dont think I should have to explain the talent on the aforementioned teams.

What is your prediction for these 6 games?

If Felton isnt out because of this injury the Knicks should win at least 4 games.
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