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Default Predict which scrub will score a career high against the Lakers

After givning career and season highs to offensive juggernauts such as aron afflalo, greg smith and tony douglas its become comical how many role players have their way with the Lakers.

My prediction is Austin rivers, owner of a sizzling 30% shooting streak. I predict he'll go for 20 with over 50% shooting due to Kobe Bryant's inability to grasp the simple concept of rotating to the open man instead of letting him shoot letting him shoot uncontested.

I also nominate Robin Lopez the other Lopez brother. I'm still waiting to see this superior defense from Dwight Lois Lane Howard. I fully expect Lopez to have his way with the marshmellow soft Lakers interior because hey if you can't stop Greg Smith then you pretty much just suck.....

Honourable mention goes to Jason Smith and Roger Mason. And yes the Lakers will lose to the soon to be Pelicans....without Anthony Davis
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