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Default Re: Who's your favorite Street Fighter character?

Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
Josh, in your opinion who is the most challenging character to use?

Challenging? That's a broad question/word to use. I think you mean in the sense of "who's the hardest to master and be very effective with" ... right?

If that's the case, it all depends on which game/version of Street Fighter we're talking about.

In Hyper Fighting/Championship Edition (the original 12, all playable), I'd say to use at a very high level and be effective against a likewise opponent - the boss characters have to be up there.

Vega can be challenging to consistently pull off his wall grabs effectively, coupled with the sheer fact he's easier to dizzy than most characters and takes less damage to kill (in comparison to Zangief, Sagat and E. Honda for example).

Sagat might seem like a breeze to learn to use/master upfront, but his Tiger Knee is something that takes lots of practice and repetition to pull off and not confuse with the lower Tiger Shot (fireball) which throws many things off. He also has very few combos he can land, another important element in Street Fighter games.

Balrog is kind of self-explanatory. Sure, just a "charge" character, but timing is key, and it takes TONS of practice and experience to pull off his turn-punches fast enough to dizzy your opponent and keep them in check. Otherwise, your fireball or Honda hundred hand slap, Chun Li hundred kick shit and Blanka's electricity will own Balrog all day long. Balrog is one of those guys that if you master him, it's lights out good night sweet dreams (more like nightmares) for your opponent, and vice versa, if you're just average or mediocre he will have his ass handed to him in a quickness.

Bison... well I don't care much for him in any of the Street Fighter releases, ever. So I really can't comment to a great extent on him, but I've played against him enough against world-class talent to know he's a very tricky guy to use. He's difficult to master, but the payoff is quite stout. His wild-card factor is he has throw priority over most other characters. He can do Psycho Crusher and while your opponent is blocking, you have a 75% chance or higher (depending on which character you're playing against) of following up the *chip damage* (damage sustained while blocking for those who don't know) into throw. A Fierce Psycho Crusher fully blocked + throw will do approx 25% damage to your opponent (again, depending on which character you're playing against).

Dhalism is a weak character, but a highly skilled player can make all that up utilizing his "zoning" game to the max, and Dhalism (like Bison) has high throw priority compared to most other characters. One great weakness is that Dhalism doesn't have a surefire "wake up" special move to avoid an offensive powerhouse attacking player. He does have the invisible/teleport but it's a guessing game half the time meaning your opponent has just as good a shot as landing an incoming jump kick/punch as the Dhalism player does executing the invisible/teleport move.

Ryu and Ken are very easy to learn and eventually master amongst high level competition. They're purposely designed that way into the game. You can make the same argument for Guile, Chun Li and E. Honda - which is why they rank "Top Tier" in the game, and guys like Balrog, Vega, Bison (yes, he's the "boss" in the game, but he's realistically bottom tier amongst other characters) - these guys rank low.

So in conclusion, the harder characters to master are also usually on the lower end of the tier spectrum.

Getting into The New Challengers game - (introducing Cammy, T. Hawk, Dee Jay and Fei Long) shit changes so significantly you basically have to do an entirely new "tiering" list.

Those are my opinions ... which are commonly accepted and agreed upon within the Street Fighter community.

I know you have some SF experience glide... tell me how this compares or differs... and please be honest... there's absolutely no right or wrong answers/opinions - at the end of the day it comes down to specific match-ups and one player's perspective compared to that of others.

I'd love to hear your opinions, and which version you're referring to specifically.

*** sorry I posted so much, I just get wrapped up in discussions like this because my life-long love and adoration for this franchise runs so deep. I appreciate your interest.

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