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Default Re: Prediction Next 6 Games (after Charlotte)

4-2 at worst. 5-1 is most probable.

There is absolutely no way in hell that we are losing to Denver at home again. The only reason they lost last time was because of Mike Asstoni. In fact I think the Knicks win both games vs Denver this year.

This team is really good, and I wish the fanbase would stop selling them short. I know we have been disappointing over the years, and no one wants to get their hopes up, but this is not the same team that we've had over the years. This is a brand new team, with a new coach, and spectacular lineup. Injury is the only thing that can keep this team down.

Edit: BTW Battier is coming back exactly for the Knicks game. Isn't it funny how players always seem to be healthy when they play the Knicks. Like last year when Rose was out for like 10 games, then came back just for the Knick game, then missed about another 10 games.

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