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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

Originally Posted by ihoopallday
Sniping on this game is pointless since you'll show up on the radar for not moving. Seriously, what's the point of sniping if you have to run around all game. They need to make UAV'S harder to get. Also, why the **** did they take off Nuketown 24/7? Now I have to play like 4 games on other maps till it shows up for voting. Maybe they should've let us know that when preordering.

I'm a level 53. Don't know if I'll prestige. Can you keep a perk after you prestige? If so, I'll keep Ghost. That perk is a necessity because every game gets spammed with UAV'S. Btw, I could use some teammates online. Sick and tired of always getting on teams that don't play the objective.

If you're an objective player on Xbox, add me please. kingjames99 is my gamertag

GT- Gray Goos3, add up.
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