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Default Re: Illogical to peg the Lakers as anything right now. So why overreact to every game?

Originally Posted by Carbine
Fact - It was a new team with two huge peices unfamiliar with one another

Fact - Coach implementing new offense

Fact - Said huge peice gets injured for an extended period of time. The other huge peice just came off back surgery.

Fact - A new coach gets hired, implements new system.

@ everyone just putting them on blast 24/7.

We won't know what this Laker team will be until a month before the playoffs. The Miami Heat were 10-8 when they first joined up and they were all healthy.

It's about chemistry. They obviously have the individiual talent, nobody should question that. Chemistry and playing well with one another takes time. It just doesn't happen overnight or in 18 games. It's a gradual process.

If nothing changes in the next month, going by this pace, LA will be 16-20 going into that point the chances will be very real that they don't make the playoffs.

That is very unlikely, but hey, it's possible...certainly with their health problems.
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