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Default Re: Who's your favorite Street Fighter character?

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
Which versions are you referring to? Which games? Which opponent characters do you find yourself having the easiest time beating using Ryu and Sagat? Who are their easiest match-ups and also more difficult match-ups? Again, there's no right or wrong answer, this is just in your own personal opinion based on your own personal experience.

all versions pretty much... I have most recently been playing the new street fighters on PS3, also purchased street fighter vs Tekken, but Havent played that much, caught up with 2k and blackops.

as for easy match ups and difficulty... cant really pinpoint specific characters... I guess Dhalsim,Zhangief would be the easy match up, although Ive played ppl who have also mastered these characters and are very skilled.

Mind you, I am pretty nice at SF, so more often then not, I win.
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