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Default Re: Problem with Kobe is not his offense, it's his defense

Originally Posted by Doranku
Why is Kobe the one being called out for this? Pau and Dwight (yes, Dwight) have been horrible on defense too.

The difference? Kobe isn't playing like a scared b!tch like Pau and he's not missing 40 FTs a game like Dwight. Yet here we are talking about Kobe because of f@ggots like the OP out there who act as if Kobe killed their families in front of them.

This is my argument about Kobe he just needs to settle down and play with less of an ego. He needs to let the game come to him and stop forcing things. He hasn't played defense for a long time now so that isn't a surprise. But offensively he still thinks he needs to take 30 shots a game. He has been efficient but not as efficient as the team could be if they played good team basketball.
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