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Default Re: Judaism vs Christianity in Hip Hop - Matisyahu vs. Lecrae - Who Wins?

Originally Posted by macmac
You consistently come across as a moron. Matisyahu was inspired by reggae and bob marley. Do you think Bob Marley is a Zionist too? The Zion he talks about is a spiritual land, I don't know how you let your political bias get in the way of enjoying quality music....

Matisyahu has had fairly open disagreements with his religion about a lot of things too. You can listen to him talk and see anything that is related to exclusion, etc. is not what he is about. Part of him shaving his beard was related to not wanting to cause issues with his own sect while also not comprimising his own thoughts.

To get anything out of his work that reeks of exclusion, racism in any form etc. is beyond me. You'd only find that if you searched for it and assumed it.
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