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Default Re: Judaism vs Christianity in Hip Hop - Matisyahu vs. Lecrae - Who Wins?

Originally Posted by millwad
Matisyahu is one very talented and fascinating figure, he has some really bad ass songs and some of them beats are crazy good.

But at the same time, it's hard to like Matisyahu with his garbage zionist lyrics but yeah, he's a skilled musician.

And it's not only Matisyahu, I have a hard time with plenty of musicians who mix up music and religion. Haven't heard about the other guy but I won't probably like him either.

I have plenty of his instrumentals and if he's the one who's making the beats, then he's even more talented because they are sick.

But as far as I know the dude is still a vegan so I like him for that.

Garbage Zionist lyrics. Hmmm. So do you dislike Christian rock and Christian ballads, too? Or is it just your hatred for Jewish people--like me? Have you forgotten that Jesus was a Jew? He and by extension Christianity are founded upon Jewish values, teachings and traditions. Christians see Jesus as the fulfillment of the Old Testament messiah while Jews like myself interpret Scripture differently. For a Christian to hate Jews is like any person hating their ancestors who were the context for their own development. While I do not accept Jesus as my messiah I certainly stand in awe of him and his teachings and good works. Millwad, how do you think it would go over on the Bobcats Forum if everyone there read your comments about Garbage Zionist Lyrics. No one on that forum is Jewish but they would still take offense to any attitude of hatred.

How do we expect society to be any different than it is if we degrade/denounce people whose beliefs are different from ours. If you want respect for who you are then you need to give respect to others so that you can earn respect. People's beliefs are a part of the fabric of what makes up our souls and the very cells of our body/mind. You also obviously have your beliefs that are as much a part of who you are as other's beliefs are a part of who we are and in American society we have the right to express who we are. As human beings we all deserve to be viewed with basic human dignity unless we have destructive and hateful attitudes such as some of those that you yourself express.

I say all this to hopefully open you and your heart up so that you embrace rather than castigate the beliefs, identity and dignity of basically good people.

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