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Default Re: Top 10 Dunkers of All Time?

Originally Posted by Noob Saibot
I put him on my top 10 cuz he's one of the few nba players to win and participate in multiple dunk contest. When it comes to freestyle dunks, J-Rich is one of the best.
I have to agree with you on that one. I think part of the issue is his dunking style (and his near inability to dunk off one foot) is not conducive to allowing him to dunk with great volume throughout the latter stages of his career. As such, I think some may have forgotten a little of what he was bringing to the table in-games during his Golden State years.

I think there's a few other dunkers I've seen mentioned in this thread I'd be more likely to question before Richardson (Nate Robinson for one).

A better quality video than the one I posted earlier of Richardson's Top 100 up to 2007:

Richardson just seemed to have that dunking "it" factor for me. Other people windmill, other people 360 and other people double pump reverse off two feet, but outside of Dominique Wilkins and Vince Carter, no one seems to be able to do it quite like Jason Richardson.

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