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Default Re: What to make of the big decline in individual scoring averages?

Another thing too is that a lot of the ''stars'' are getting older in today's game. Obviously, you can't expect Pierce or Dirk to score as much as in the past, but they are still good.
Yes, but why aren't they being replaced? If Elton Brand and Yao Ming can score 20-25 every night, why isn't Robin Lopez? He isn't a worse scorer than either guy was.

It's the super teams effects. Almost evey top 30 players are playing with another top 30 players or even 2.

It's really the Celtics in 2008 that changed the culture.
This is a good point.

But, which is the more significant thing: the fact that 3 HOFers came to the same team, or the fact that 3 HOFers came to the same team and then gave the offense over to Rajon Rondo and basically played as spot-up shooters and pinch-post players on offense and rarely iso'd? And that those HOFers only won because of their defense?

If anything - and I'm not dismissing your point at all, I think it's true - this movement of stars towards each other's teams is proving wrong the value of stars. Some of the top teams have stars, some don't - but in 2004, we found out that it's not superstar wing players that win you championships, it's defense and attitude and teamwork. And right now, the top teams all have these things, while the top 10 scorers are spread all throughout the standings.
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