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Jelly Bean is right about context. If you're in a structured team setting, then things change. For example, we used to have a policy in college where "if a guy was open and ahead of you, give it to him", a policy I generally don't like, but in practice if you're a little more thoughtfull with it, like not hitting you're power forward in the middle of the court, and if you have a team of guys with the same mentallity, it works all right.

The first thing I'd say is never take a jumper on the break, unless it's a kick out three. I hate the pull up on the break. It always felt like something I could get at another time if I needed to.

Going until you're stopped is also a good advice. Force someone to stop you. Don't volunteer to give up your dribble.

Lane runners often get chewed out for space, but as a PG, I feel like I have to take some responsibility. If it's two on one, move to an angle that you're comfortable with finishing, and head toward the rim until you're stopped.

If I'm not stopped until so late that I get under the hoop, I still don't give up the bounce. I'm not even really crazy about the kick out three, I like to roll dribble out, and while I'm pulling the defense away, look for trailing bigs. It's a great chance to put the ball over the defense at the rim.
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