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Default Re: NYJ set Sanchez up for failure

Where to start?

Sanchez was babied in his first two seasons.. He was surrounded with good talent on both sides of the ball and yet still sucked. One of the best running games in the league, a solid O-line at the time, good targets to throw to and a great defense. He was pretty much beyond awful his first year and he costed them numerous games that year, in fact if they had a competent QB they win 2-3 more games easily that year. The playoff run was a fluke for the most part as well.

The Jets needed Sanchez to step up last year and take that big step forward in his progression but he instead regressed. He doesn't have the qualities to lead an NFL offense as he has a poor stature in the pocket, too hesitant, and he overall has a below average arm. He's also a turnover machine and if he can cut his turnovers he'll be a game manager at best. He also has the body language of a prepubescent teen

Now people are whining that Tebow is putting pressure on him.. He's a god damn NFL player and it shows how mentally weak he is as a player. It's not like Tebow is even getting a chance as Sanchez is still the starter despite being one of the worst QB's in the league atm.. Every other player deals with competition and every other player gets benched but whats the deal with the Sanchize?
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