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Default Re: Kendrick Perkins, locker room leader

Originally Posted by Graviton
It's imaginary in Perkins' case.

He is not even a good defender, I am tired of that misconception. I watched almost all OKC games so far and he routinely lets people blow by him without even MOVING or CONTESTING, post players own his ass too because he has no quickness, length, leaping ability or IQ. He is so slow that it's like 4 on 5 out there, he adds NOTHING positive on the court and just causes more frustration for the team. Every time he touches the ball, it's either a turnover or a travel. It takes him 5 seconds to dunk on a wide open opportunity Westbrook sets up for him.

He is literally like a statue out there, he does nothing of note that helps the team win games. Thunder would be better with ANY other starting center in the league. Perkins is at best a 3rd string center on a championship team, he shouldn't be getting more than 12 minutes.

From the article and Perkins' comments it sure doesn't sound like it. But I'm guessing you somehow know better...
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