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Default Re: Cousins could be shipped soon

Originally Posted by andremiller07
Grant Napier the Kings play by play guy today ripped D-Cuz on the radio for his play (rightfully so this season) calling him the worset guy on the team, which is very far from the truth considering even at his worest this season hes still been the most productive guy (hes first on points on a garbage %, 1st in boards, steals, charges drawn and 2nd in assists).

Now this is where it gets interesting Napier pretty much always like a parrot resembles what the owners the Maloofs think and even more interesting is he turned on the likes of C-Webb, BJackson, Kevin Martin and others just before they all got traded in a similar fashion, so the writing could be on the wall for ethier the Kings to build around Tyreke again or a complete blow up starting with Cuz.

I think a good team that needs a big man (Boston in particular), should really have a look at the option because they can unload lesser talent to get him, its pretty clear the Kings won't get back a talent equal to him because of his attitude and other problems so a better team could swoop in and get a skilled 22 year old big (there are not many around)for pretty cheap. Who knows who could turn out to be the player they need kind of like the Sheed case in Detriot (not saying hes gonna get them a title or is as good as Sheed).

Keep in mind none of this is set in stone but It look familiar to previous situations with the Kings, the team is going nowhere atm both on and off the court. As a Kings fan this is the last thing I want considering him and Reke are the only players worth even watching on the poorly constructed squad.

I think he would benefit from playing in Boston. The coup for Boston is too big to not pursue, if they could...but Bradley, Green, Melo, Bass, draft picks...maybe Lee or even Sullinger (can't see his use in Sacramento). Throw in enough and maybe get Chuck Hayes, who I have on a shortlist of 5 guys the Celtics should pursue (post defender)...would be one hell of a coup.

The Thunder? Don't think so but who knows. Some team will be getting one hell of a player.
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