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Default Re: What would the 72-10 Bull's record look like playing this year?

Originally Posted by 1987_Lakers
Teams back then didn't utilize the 3 point shot like they do today, so it didn't hurt the Bulls. Teams today use the 3 point shot more and are more efficient from there. Notice how the Bulls dropped to 32% from 3 point land when the league moved the 3 line back to it's original spot, Chicago would have been ranked near the bottom in that category if they played in 2012, They really didn't have any consistent 3 point shooters other than Kerr, Kukoc was OK from downtown.

I agree that the Bulls probably won't be as good as a 3pt shooting team as they were in with the shorten 3pt line.

I don't think teams who would shoot the 3 would hurt the bulls that much though. Despite the shorten 3pt line and the regular one back in 98, the Bulls were one of the top teams in the league at defending the 3. They also face the Indiana Pacers in 98, who shot at 39% from 3 along with one of the best shooters ever with Reggie Miller and Chris Mullen shot 44% from 3 that year. So, they are capable of defending it.

But, teams now shoot the 3 a bit more though. That's for sure. Even in the playoffs, teams shoot the 3 more than back then.
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