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Default Its been almost 20 games, Avery Johnson has done absolutely nothing...

The Nets play hot or poor simply on its own, we are relying entirely on the players talents/instincts and decision making. I fail to see how Avery Johnson ever makes an impact to the team, if we come out at hot shooting game we win it, or we pray for heaven the opposing team aint making theirs. He knows how to call timeouts, so does a high school coach.

I just fail to see any tactics, there's nothing he can do whenever an opposing team goes on a run. If there is one contribution Avery makes, well, is to destroy Marshon Brooks almost completely?

And I definitely aint happy about that home loss to the Thunder. That team is by far the biggest pretender of this season, their ceiling is 2nd round without Harden. Should have beaten that trash with or without Brook Lopez.

What do you think? So long as the Nets still have a winning record Avery's unlikely to be fired, but its becoming more and more difficult to stand this nonsense nowadays.
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