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Default Re: rt's best 101 PS3 & 360 games

Originally Posted by nightprowler10
I saw Uncharted 3 and thought no way, 2 was so much better! Only to see UC2 being your favorite overall. Nice list, I counted 16 games out of those that I've played all the way through.

Have you played Assassin's Creed 3 yet? I can see it making your top 20 based on your taste.

In hindsight, I should have been more honest to myself and place Uncharted 3 1st or 2nd on this list. I enjoy it more then RDR and I am still unsure if it's better then U2. Fact is, I don't enjoy U2 as much as I did prior to playing U3. I am not sure why. It could be because I enjoy Uncharted 3 more or because it's simply the newer title in the trilogy and I've just been spending more time with it...
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