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Default Elias Harris and other unknown West Coast prospect

Elias Harris to me is the most under rated prospect in this upcoming draft. 6-8 sf from Gonzaga should be on everybody's mock draft but isn't. Explosive jumper and great in the post, will be a power 3 in the mold of Carmelo.(not saying he is as good, just similar game)

6-3 Pg Norman Powell UCLA. Bruins are a mess and he's playing behind a guy he's better than. Might not be considered an ncaa pg but is what you are looking for in an nba pg

6-5 sg Jamal Franklin San Diego state. Big gap between he and shabaz on mock draft or prospect lists, but watching them play each other shows they are a lot closer than supposed to be. They won't let him wear a long sleeved shirt in the nba but he's easy to spot even if he didn't at sdsu.

6-10 pf Brock motum Washington state. Lefty from Australia is an inside/outside player who is a scoring machine at wazzu. Impossible to match up with in ncaa, IMO his skills make him an nba player.

6-3 pg Kendall Williams New Mexico. Never seen him on a draft list but IMO is an nba gaurd if in the right situation.

Dallevadova 6-5 pg st Mary's. not sure how he fits in the nba but will be given a chance because he's a hell of a player and plays well internationally.

Who else? I wish I could follow ncaa ball all over the country but can't so I try to watch the PAC, Mwc, and wcc. You guys help me w the rest
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