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Default Re: Lineups and Decision Making

Originally Posted by Reef
Casey's reason for putting Bargs back in was spacing. What a dumbass. Spacing is great if the guy can buy a damn bucket. Did he not see us catch up when Bargs was on the bench? He's a fu.cken puppet.

That's great. 3-14 and 0-6 for spacing, wish reporters would call him out on that sort of stuff. Kings finish the game 21-13 after Bargnani checked in for Davis with 7 minutes left. Prior to that, the Raptors were on a 27-14 run to erase a 12 point deficit for the 10:42 that Davis was on the floor. I'm not saying these things are completely because of one another, but it didn't take a ton of basketball knowledge to see that Davis was and has been more effective for quite some time.
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