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Default Re: Lineups and Decision Making

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
It sure didn't seem like Lowry was having much of a problem driving into the lane with Ed and Amir out there. Spacing my ass. I'll take the tradeoff if it means having a higher chance of grabbing offensive rebounds and fewer bad perimeter shots.
And to add, Ed Davis is proving how useful it is to have bigs that can play their actual proper role and position. When we take out a legit 4 man in favor of a 7 foot shooting guard we are taking away all his intangibles that he's bringing to the table in favor of a streaky 3 point shooting waste of height and size. Bargnani isn't our best player anymore, clearly. Our best is Lowry. And he's also being outplayed by Derozan, Davis and sometimes Calderon and Val. I guess I can at least give BC credit for one thing. He wants to stand up proudly on the titanic and watch it sink.
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