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Default Re: How Kobe stacks up vs other 30000 point scorers

Originally Posted by B-hoop
Do that list but with how many years in the league each player had

You cant knock a man for mental toughness. I believe many players could have gotten to 30000 but didnt because they lacked the focus and desire thst kobe had. Many players left the game do to injuries, kobe had many of the same but played through them, he even went to germany for experimental treatment all to be able to play this game.

Kareem n malone did all they could and thats y its no surprise they top the list, im not sure y wilts career was so short but jordan has no excuse. Jordan does not have that mental toughness, he should have been the first one to 40k.

Kobe will do one of two things, retire after 2 seasons where his place will be well padded above jordan in points ( he will never say it but we all know he wants it). Or play til 40 where he will overtake kareem n potentially be the only player ever to hit 40k
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