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Default Re: New York Knicks at Charlotte Bobcats 12/5/12

Originally Posted by Quizno
tough loss tonight, but it's not all bad. i'd like to remind everyone that we're not supposed to be winning and it's probably not in our best interests to win any more than 25 games this season. i don't want a fringe playoff product, we've been through that before. we need a top 5 pick to really see this team go

So true. Still it's hard to accept a loss, especially since the game was so winnable.

My thoughts on the game:

Why didn't Tyson Chandler ever play like that for us?
It's great to see Felton having success. He's a straight up nice guy and he really struggled in Denver and Portland.
After Bismack blocked a shot he did the Mutombo finger wag. I love it. Get some swag Biz!
Dunlap was great in the post game interview. Nothing but positive reinforcement for the young guys. I can just picture Larry Brown coming out and droning on and on about the turnovers at the end.
I'm starting to think that maybe fixing the hitch in MKG's jumper might not be such a good thing. It's kind of like Jim Furyk's golf swing: ugly, but it works.

Bizmack does the Mutombo finger wag

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