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Default Re: Trade Rumour - Raps and Lakers

I hope that the Raptors do this but only to flip Gasol to another team later on for long-term assets.

I like Pau and he'd clearly be the best player in this deal but what's the point of getting him for the Raptors? You go from a bad team to a mediocre at-best team. Big deal. Trade for him, hopefully let him build up some value the rest of the year and then trade him in the offseason to a contender. Hopefully the Raptors have a new GM by then that is allowed to properly rebuild this mess of a team.

Calderon is still a good player and would make a great backup for the Lakers. I've said for a long time he'd be a perfect fit in an offense where Kobe does the primary ball-handling, allowing the PG to play off the ball. He's just not a fit on the Raptors anymore.

I honestly don't see why the Lakers would want Bargnani. He is inferior in every single way imaginable to Gasol.
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