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Default Re: Trade Rumour - Raps and Lakers

Originally Posted by millwad
Why would the Raptors do this?

Bargnani is very soft but he's still only 27 years old and he can produce for years to come. Gasol is 5 years older and busted and is declining very quick now..

And Calderon is still a good back-up, one of the better in the league.
I think Bargs was built to play MDA ball tbh. Good range for a big man, and that is what helped make the Suns succesful.

As for Jose he isn't one of the best PG's in the NBA, but he is above average imo. Good shooter, good passer, pretty good Steve Nash replacement when he goes to the bench. He's not the type to go out and lead the team in scoring, but he can nail a wide open jumper to say the least.
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