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Default Re: Trade Rumour - Raps and Lakers

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
A player's prime starts usually around 27. So he's actually getting into his prime. He most certainly has the ability to be better, but I just don't like him. And like I said in another thread, maybe he should be playing SF. Dirk is a subpar defender, but he's intelligent and knows how to play team defense. He's also a solid post defender. And, despite his rebounding totals the last few seasons, in that style defense, Dirk has always been a decent to solid to good rebounder. Bargnani gets good rebounds for a SG and OK for a SF. For a PF, even a stretch one, he's awful. And he hasn't had people taking his rebounds. It's his fault.

Before getting hurt last year, he did look great offensively. It wasn't just about shooting. He was a scorer, who got his own shot. He just plays for a jumpshot. Doesn't even move off the ball to get it.

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