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Default Re: Eating on $4 a day

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
Its not very hard to eat for a month on 120 bucks. Ive eaten on 15 bucks a week at times.

You get rice, frozen dinners that are often 2 for 4 and have the meat and grazy, you can get a whole chicken for like 4 bucks from meat markets and cook half each day, and get a box of cereal for 2....get chunky soups. They arel ike 1.89 each. Once for lunch one for dinner.

Its not really hard hard. Its nothing to make into a challenge. You just dont eat 3 meals a day.

I eat once or twice a day anyway. I get up at 5:10....dont feel like making or stopping for breakfast. I eat some crappy fast food lunch...and I eat some kinda snack before bed. At most its a sandwich.

And I bet I eat more than like 70% of the world.

Well that sounds fvcking miserable
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