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Default Re: Jeremy Lin talks about racism

Originally Posted by LamarOdom
And this guy was all over his dick a few months ago, he was asked (i think) the question he responded how it was not like we seen him crying in the media about him being discriminated.

To bad Lin sucks he's a nice dude and a good role model for SPK.

Never ever ever played the racism angle. Never. Not once. You can talk to others but not me. I never liked that he played the race card, i never liked when anyone did it. The only time i said anything was when ESPN was making fun of him for his race obviously with the headlines.

The first people (like me and Bagel) who started with the Lin stuff didn't give a flying **** he was asian. Anyone to me who likes him only because he was asian (and think who is saying this) is nuts. We liked him because he was ****ing fearless, had balls of steel, and was freaking BALLING. By year end he was no longer balling, no longer fearless (sat out playoffs), and left us for more money (smart) and less pressure (less smart in my opinion, it's how you grow).

Nothing in that is about race.
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