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Default Re: Trade Rumour - Raps and Lakers

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
That's my big problem with your argument. It was a 13-game stretch. That's a tiny sample size compared to looking at the 2,3 or hell even 4 years. You can't just pick out the absolute best stretch of his career.

Players' production generally doesn't improve much past their 4th year or so. There's always some exceptions but look at the majority of non-high schoolers and it's a strong trend.

Bargnani is what he is. 27 years old and in his 7th season in the NBA. That is an established veteran player. Unless you are banking on him being an exception to the rule, there most likely is no improvement left there.

I'm not banking on him. Like I said, I don't particularly like him. He's as soft as it gets. And he's lazy even to get open or dribble. But this is his prime. He was playing center up until last season. Playing him at C is a bigger abomination than Arenas playing PG.

It's one thing to be hot for a stretch; it's another thing to see the improvement. It's been evident in DeAndre Jordan's game this year. Last year, he clearly looked different. He was initiating offense. It was thru his own scoring, but he clearly has a high ceiling as a scorer. I'm not gonna bank on a guy for that stretch, but it was clear that he has the talent.
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