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Default Re: Lopez out vs. Warriors, maybe longer

Originally Posted by niko
I wore black while i typed this and yelled GO BIGGIE GO BIGGIE and waved my hands in the air back and forth so it's all good.

I don't think Lopez is a good defensive player (although he hasn't been awful). I think him playing allows everyone to be in the proper place in the rotation. Evans can do Evans role, Blatche can do his role, Nets don't need to play small so often. The small ball against OKC and Miami made for a faster pace, and worse defense, even when the role players came in.

Well you can argue against opinions but the numbers tell a different story. The Nets are giving up almost 102 PPG without Lopez verses 91 with him. He he averaging 3 blocks a game verses Blatches 1 bpg as a starter. People don't consider him a defensive force and he's not because he's not athletic, and doesn't appear that way ( discrimination, yes) but he is a very much improved defensive player and when he gets back the nets will go back to allowing 90 ppg.
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